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■ Only one bare skin beauty technology / jewelry art school management

At Dragee JewelryArt Schhol, you can learn jewelry art to decorate your bare skin with platinum body jewelry, airbrush, etc.

There are 4 courses, Basic, Professional, Certified Instructor Course, and Body Jewel Brand "ART BIJOU" production course, and each course includes the industry's top class Dragee's unique skills and know-how in the curriculum. We are here.

* Please use the "Inquiry Form" to contact us for application and course details. Also, please use the inquiry form to introduce classes and technical courses at beauty colleges .

■ Platinum body jewelry style produced

Dragee Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in producing bridal body jewelry specializing in weddings. Using our own technology and know-how

With the policy of "attractive bare skin beautifully" and "total balance 365 ° perfect", our business alliance partner

Through the wedding facility and the planner in charge, we provide style production to the bride through close cooperation.

In addition to body jewelry, we can also provide consultation on bare skin such as tattoo covers and scar covers.

* Please feel free to contact us from "Inquiries" for brides who are planning to have a wedding ceremony at a non-affiliated facility.

■ Sales development of original body jewelry brand "ART BIJOU"

ART BIJOU is a "body jewel that can be set on bare skin" that commercializes original body jewelry technology based on a special sheet developed by a manufacturer that has been licensed and used in the medical field . The industry's highest level material is processed with an original design,

Body jewel brand pursuing details and images at wedding facilities, beauty dealers, wedding dress salons, etc.

We have you handle it. * For BtoB, we would appreciate it if you could contact us using the inquiry form.

■ Product development using jewelry art technology

We are developing products using our unique jewelry art know-how.

* Feel free to use "ART BIJOU", tie-ups using jewelry art technology, collaborative product development, Berti, etc.

Please contact us. > [Examples of products developed in-house]


  founder&director. 2022-now    LIVE LAUGH LOVE.


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a entrepreneur ・ Artist Sala Miyamura

Dragee Co., Ltd. Founder ・ JewelryArt Instructor


Sweet elegance designs Creative Director

2009 Independent as freelance artist SALA
September 2011 Established Dragee Co., Ltd. founder / CEO
Nationwide expansion of jewelry art brands using original technology

Dragee JewelryArt School [bare skin beauty comprehensive technology school] business

Sweet elegance designs General creative production and design

October 2012 Received Silver Award in Body Jewelery Division, Seoul Beauty Expo, International Beauty Tournament [Participated from IBA]
2020 LIVE LAUGH LOVE --Beauty Life service- founder ・ CEO

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